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Post by Rogerius Merrill on Tue Sep 08, 2015 10:47 pm

Going to work on some stuff. Have some writefaggotry brewing. Figured I'd put something up as a central spot for ze writing. Feel free to leave all writefaggotry, comments, and critiques here.
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Re: Writefaggotry General

Post by Rogerius Merrill on Wed Sep 09, 2015 3:12 am

I'm sorry, Alex.

The morning sun settled itself over the ruins of the city. It was still cool, and the immediate post-dawn hours. They sky still displayed various colors blending to darkness on the far side of the horizon. It had rained the night before, and the wetness still clung to the gravel and ruins while making a thick, sticky mud of the ash. Rogerius Merrill, Cellweirwyr, Wilhelm Binafedas, and Robyn Auldmann kneeled low in a circle around a large tanned leather hide. Also present was Adept Shreke, the Mechanicus representative with the XX Legion. The hide was a map of the region, etched with impossible detail. The Adept always showed disdain for such crude measures, but knew that the Primarch had the final say in matters such as this. And Merrill preferred something small and light that he could touch to the holo-maps the Mechanicus provided.

Merrill held a small piece of rebar which he used as a baton to mark locations and issue instructions. Binafedas was obviously agitated. “We cannot continue operations in Sector 37 without additional support,” he whispered. “I have three Troupes with no food or water, and an entire Nation is running low on ammunition and jetpack fuel.”

Merrill's brow furrowed more than usual. “Auldmann, is there any way to divert more supplies? This is their primary hub of supply lines to the Western front. This has to be kept unstable.”

“With all due respect, frell no. They're smart. The whole sector is peppered with anti-air, and while they control the main roads I don't want my vehicles moving on them.”

Merrill contemplated the map for a second. This was not going to be easy. “Wilhelm, I need you to pull back into sectors 38, 36, and 27 for immediate resupply. Auldmann, can you transport in his reserves? I think we need to systemic-” They stopped and snapped their focus to the entrance to the ruins they inhabited as they heard the sound of footsteps approaching. Auldmann reached out and stopped his Primarch from grabbing his spear.

“We are 25 kilometers behind friendly lines.” He whispered. “They are likely friendly.” Merrill relaxed a bit, flipped his map over, and the group stood as four Astartes bearing the livery of the Silver Cataphracts. At their head was one Captain Akulov. Cellweirwyr concealed his mouth and looked back to his brothers.

Akulov seemed surprised at seeing the Primarch, mouth slightly agape in awe for one brief moment before his face twisted into anger. “My Lord, we would speak with you.” Auldmann frowned. Merrill's face remained largely the same to an outsider. The gathered Elders knew how to read his moods, and his irritation was clear as day. “Go on.”

The Astartes was nearly as tall as Merrill, but the presence of a Primarch was often difficult to cope with. He adjusted himself inside his armor before he began. “I was told there was a meeting of several of the commanders of your Legion present, but I did not expect it to be you, My Lord, and for that I apol-”

“Are you hear to discuss something or waste my time?” Merrill asked. His face had begun to darken. Cellweirwyr thought he detected a slight twinkle as the younger Captain recoiled slightly.

“I had...there was an incident last night. We believe it involved your men.”

“You believe or you know?”

“My Lord, I apologize, but the evidence seems to point-”

“What evidence? Get to the point before I do.”

“Well, my Lord, with the...reputation...of your Captain there-”

“What Captain? I have no Captains. I am having a strategic discussions with my Elders. Is that who you mean?”

“Yes, my Lord.”

“And what is this reputation you speak of?”

“My Lord, your, ah, Elder...” Cellweirwyr had moved slightly behind his Primarch. Auldmann glared at the grin growing in size. Though the armor concealed his chest convulsions, Binafedas was clearly stifling laughter. “...has been known for..”

“Has been known for what? His skill in battle? His century of commanding my troops? Outranking yourself?”

“No, my Lord...”

“So I'm lying to you?” Auldman walked off in exasperation. Binafedas was barely able to contain himself. Cellweirwyr's grin widened further.

“No! No, my Lord, it's just that...”

“Are you saying you think you could do better? Are you here to challenge his place in my Legion?”

“No, my Lord, but the...”

“If you say 'my Lord' once more, you will severely regret it. Now what in the Warp are you wasting my time for?”

“Our command center. It's roof and antennae seem to have gone missing last night.”

Cellweirwyr's grin seemed to almost split his face. Binafedas finally burst out with as hearty a guffaw as his bionic jaw and heavily scarred face would allow. Auldman looked at Cellweirwyr in complete disbelief. Even Merrill almost seemed to smile.

The Captain continued. “It would not normally be such an issue, but due to the rains, several of our vox communicators have shorted and our holocom is inoperable.” Adept Shreke let out a distressed burst of binary as he rushed from the ruins to soothe the injured machine.

He moved fast. In an instant, Merrill was standing chestplate to chestplate with the Captain. The Primarch suddenly seemed a tall, angry giant staring at a gnat. The Astartes Officer steeled himself. “So you are accusing another Astartes...one who has seen more combat, shown greater skill, and wields greater authority than you ever will...of willfully sabotaging Imperial equipment?”

“My...No, sir. I had just thought I should bring it to your attention.”

“See that you are more careful with your words in the future. Now go.”

The Astartes of the XV Legion left quickly. Once out of earshot, Merrill turned to his Elders. “You stole their roof?”

With a low chuckle, Celweirwyr responded. “You have no idea how difficult that was.” Binafedas let a second round of laughter escape, free from a responsibility to hide it. “Of course, I could have done it easier with a few meltabombs, but the idea was not to get discovered.”

Merrill pinched at the bridge of his nose while sucking in air through his teeth. “This is not going to end well with Alexandri.”

“Well, then. We can add that to my debt.”

“It was added the second they walked through the door.” He reset the map. “Shall we continue?” With that, Auldmann and Binafedas returned to the circle. The latter was still wiping tears from his eyes as he crouched low over the hide.
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