The Komra

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The Komra

Post by Uriel on Thu Jun 11, 2015 12:08 am

Discuss the Squats Komra here.

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Re: The Komra

Post by Lumey on Sat Aug 01, 2015 12:13 am

A quick primer on the Komra (or read the full version).

Who are they?

The Komra are a re-working of the "space dwarf" archetype (GW tried this with the "Squats").  They are short, sturdy humans from high gravity mining worlds.  Komra are technologically advanced and have a communal society with little concept of private property.

What do they do in the setting?

At the time of the Heresy, they're a very recently-conquered space-faring civilisation.  Although a lot of worlds would have cast off the Imperium for justified reasons, having the Komra around lets that kind of story be told on a bigger scale.  Like other humans, they have a pro-Imperial fraction, a renegade fraction, and a Chaos-friendly fraction (the Cult of Krenz).

How did they come to be?

Their ancestors left Earth in M6 (5000s) and encountered an unstable wormhole.  That flung them way out of the human sphere, leading to a separate development.  They also spent a lot of time as a protectorate of the Eldar Empire, before the Spess Ehlfs went full Chaos.  Just before the Heresy, the main Komra territory gets violently conquered by the Space Marine Legions, leading to widespread destruction and resentment.

Where do they hang out?

Their homeworlds are the Core Worlds Confederation, located near the Galactic Core (funnily enough!).  The Komra had/have outposts in all corners of the Galaxy, such as the League of Dawi in the Galactic South. There are also Komra living alongside Terran humans in some systems, almost always under Imperial rule.

Writer's notes:
I wanted to get well away from the things that made the Squats ridiculous (as opposed to funny).  The name had to go, for starters.  The bearded biker look, too.  And although the Guild made a certain amount of sense as a complement to the Imperium's neo-feudalism, a Guild isn't practical once labour is being done on such an immense scale.  (Consider: If you need a million workers to build a spaceship, how do you protect trade secrets?)

So rather than the Guild, I loosely based them on the Trade Union.  Actually, the main influence on the Komra design is German Social Democracy.  Obviously the German Worker's movement of the 19th/20th Centuries wasn't like the Komra society, but their themes are worked in.  In particular, Krenz isn't just a rehash of Hashut (medieval bull becomes sci-fi engine).  It also represents the enslavement of the worker by the machine.

For faction relations, hostility to the Orks is unavoidable.  Let's face it: the Orks are hostile to everyone!  But fantasy dwarves usually have a reputation as skilled Ork fighters and that needs to be honoured.  On the other hand, the (now-standard) hostility to Elves isn't realistic with the scale of the Eldar Empire in the pre-Fall period, nor is it all that interesting.  The Harakien Eldar Empire is going to be a thing, and they need some uneasy allies as well as avowed enemies.

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